Frequently Asked Quesions

For the launch of the VoiceVoice platform, we are planning a series of "White House" level conversations about topics that matter.

Who is VoiceVoice?

VoiceVoice is the conversation company. We have two major offerings. First, we sell our technology to customer organizations, who host highly interactive conversations at scale. Second, we produce select conversations with partners, which gives us the opportunity to illustrate the power and possibilities for purposeful conversations, helps us develop relationships with potential customers, and also generates sponsorship revenue.

Customers include Obama for America, Stanford University, Airbnb and Greenpeace, among many others.

We previously developed MaestroConference, which has been used by over 8 million participants.

We’re now introducing the VoiceVoice platform, to go beyond traditional conferencing software with a new technology that enables people to have great conversations, perpetually and at scale.

How are these conversations convened?

First, we gather people and make sure we have traction with top-level people as well as diversity and breadth. We then schedule and host these virtual conversations using the VoiceVoice platform, which allows our hosts, partners and us to have repeated, real live discussion happening regularly (learn more).

How does the VoiceVoice platform/technology work?

These conversations hosted on the VoiceVoice technology aren’t typed comments or twitter exchanges, but deep live conversations with voice and video, guided by the context provided by the host.

Before the first conversation takes place, the host provides pre-recorded instructions or questions to guide the group discussions by either uploading inspirational content or selecting content from YouTube.

Participants are then sent an invitation link to quickly and seamlessly schedule a virtual conversation at a time convenient for them e.g. “I can meet at 6pm on Tuesday to talk to other people.” This invitation link to schedule can be easily shared with other people, allowing for multiple parallel conversations to happen anywhere, at any time.

During these live, repeated conversations, participants navigate their unique experiences with host-authored buttons through additional content such as subsequent lectures, facilitation instructions, questions and answers or whatever the host authors.

What are your goals for these conversations?

Our company’s mission is to light up the world with the power of purposeful, large scale conversations- that is why we exist. Everything we’ve done up to this point with our MaestroConference platform and the 8 million+ participants we’ve hosted have pointed toward this goal.

With this new VoiceVoice technology, we are going to be able to more effectively, more impactfully work towards fulfilling this mission. By having repeated, live, real conversations that are fully automated and happening constantly, we will be able to invite more people into discovering how purposeful conversations can change the world through dialogue and action.

What does "White House-level" mean?

The Obama White House was a customer, and Obama’s political arm has been a customer of ours for 8+ years. Across industries, we’re reaching out to thought leaders, highly respected professionals, and other people of similarly esteemed caliber and inviting them to join us as participants and partners. (Note: we’re reaching out to sectors irrespective of where they fall on the political spectrum.)

What is required/expected of a partner?

Innovative, scalable technology and best-in-class facilitation are the two main components of what VoiceVoice provides. While you can run a webinar or conference yourself, to make the most out of gathering thought leaders together requires deep expertise in facilitating conversations for action. With organizations like the 2012 Obama Campaign using our platform for over 35,000 events, we have a positive track record of serving top brands and we can help you inspire your stakeholders to take actions that get you results.

At a minimum, we would hope you’d share your thoughts and insights on the matter via the optional strategic survey.

What is your revenue model?

We’re currently starting very large scale conversations on the VoiceVoice platform, and charging sponsors for the typical sponsor benefits (branding, introductions to potential prospects, etc). As a technology provider, we also charge customers to use the technology platforms, generally on a subscription basis.

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