Future of Our Streets & Neighborhood

A conversation about what we want our cities to look like at that point when autonomous vehicles are as safe or safer than human drivers.

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About the Conversations

There’s so much news about when driverless cars will be here, but almost nothing about what we want to see when that’s here. I’m involved inviting a broad city/neighborhood conversation about what we want our cities to look like at that point when autonomous vehicles are as safe or safer than human drivers. Would you be willing to give your input? Read more about it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Citizens who represent the brilliance, creativity, and diversity of Chicago self-nominate and self-sort, and are placed in councils of 5 (often by neighborhood, interest or profession). They come together in a video/voice conversation with instructions provided within the platform, to address the topic: what’s the very best that our streets could look like, when technology is such that vehicles can operate safely and autonomously. We leverage the VoiceVoice platform to host the conversation and aggregate the best results.
Each council meets once, and manages themselves to the goals given. There’s a suggested format which emphasizes drawing and extending each person’s creativity as well as critical thinking, and addressing concerns. Top ideas and proposals from other groups are given as seeds, and the council decides which ideas (both theirs and others) to forward on to other teams. In an optional second phase, the same deliberative crowdsourcing process. We also provide a framework for handling any of the natural tensions or conflicts between people’s various needs, concerns, and

The suggested format is for each person to pick either one favorite way they like (or would like) to get around, and then let others enhance it.
Artists render the most up-voted concepts from the councils. We also forward the most up-voted ideas not only to relevant city, state, and/or federal officials, as well as engage reporters with the story for a broader conversation with the citizens of Chicago.
VoiceVoice is the conversation company. We have two major offerings. First, we sell our technology to customer organizations, who host highly interactive conversations at scale. Second, we produce select conversations with partners, which gives us the opportunity to illustrate the power and possibilities for purposeful conversations, helps us develop relationships with potential customers, and also generates sponsorship revenue.

Customers include Obama for America, Stanford University, Airbnb and Greenpeace, among many others.

We previously developed MaestroConference, which has been used by over 8 million participants.

We’re now introducing the VoiceVoice platform, to go beyond traditional conferencing software with a new technology that enables people to have great conversations, perpetually and at scale.
VoiceVoice is producing this, and we produce the questions which are intended to be open-ended – we don’t allow the agendas of any sponsor or partner to get in the way of the best conversation. We do earn revenue two ways [use FAQ answer from tech inclusion.
Sign up now to receive the pre-council packet, and to find out the next times available. We make sure the communication has reached enough interested people before starting the council conversations.
Sign up and answer the follow up questions where you can volunteer to be an ambassador, table host, artist, professional contact, facilitator, or otherwise.