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Whether live or asynchronous, host an event with confidence.

VoiceVoice offers the first and only solution to host virtual events either on a live or asynchronous scale. With the option to be integrated within a live event on MaestroConference Video, cater to the needs and schedules of both hosts and attendees.

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Host more events, hire less people.

With the “Schedule Your Own Time” feature, participants can decide when and with whom they will have the conversation you’ve designed. Your participants can now privately invite and connect with the community of their choosing, on their own schedule.

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Integrate your favorite third
party apps.

Enrich the experience of virtual events with various third-party apps designed to increase engagement and interactivity. Utilize apps such as Kahoot, Slido, Mentimeter, Typeform, YouTube Live, GroupMind and many more for a unique event like no other.

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Manage your breakout groups more effectively.

Manage your breakout groups in real time using the Live Monitor feature. From splitting up breakouts into smaller sections to moving participants between groups (and much more), managing your breakouts is as simple as ever.

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Get people talking in minutes.

We’re very excited to introduce a new, more compact version of the Conversation Designer: the Simple Editor allows you to have a clear, comprehensive view of all of your conversation pages along with their button destinations in one window.

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Speak to all your breakout groups at once.

Engage with up to 1,000 people simultaneously with the “VoiceVoice Broadcast” feature, allowing you as the host to get your message across easily while groups are already separated into their breakouts.

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Voicevoice enabled us to reach a much wider audience than we would if we hosted the same sessions with a facilitator in Zoom.
quote from Jessie-Ann Baines at Climate Awakening about VoiceVoice, it enabled us to reach a much wider audience than Zoom

Jessie-Ann Baines
Program Lead at Climate Awakening

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Group Navigation

Breakout groups can choose their own unique conversation path to navigate through pre-recorded prompts that do not rely on admin movements or decisions.


Automatically suggest the group how much time to spend on each topic/page of the conversation. The group can also pause, restart or modify the timer.


Show timed, automatic chat-like messages or popup screens to the group at any point during the conversation.

Slowdown/ Speedup Messages

Automatically detect when the group is moving too fast or taking too much time on any single topic.

Advanced Rules

Control the conversation flow using “If This Then That” type rules.

White Label

Our white-labeling options let you remove all references to VoiceVoice and use your own brand to strengthen your relationships with your clients and community.

Individual Mode

Temporarily break the group and ask participants to perform certain actions individually (e.g. signup, donate, buy, etc.)

Inactivity Detection

Automatically detect and disconnect any participant that has been inactive for a certain amount of time.

100% Browser Based

Participants can join a conversation from any device and browser, without the need to download any plugins or software.

Text Chat

Besides audio & video, participants can communicate via text chat during the conversation.


Widgets let you add extra content and functionality to your conversation, including custom HTML code.


Widgets let you add extra content and functionality to your conversation, including custom HTML code.

Screen Sharing

Let participants share their screen with the rest of the group.


Create polls and let the group vote, and send the group to different pages based on the outcome.

URL Sharing

Participants can share any URL with the group without leaving the conversation.

Co-Watch Videos

Synchronized video playback so that the group can watch pre-recorded facilitation videos (or any kind of videos) together, with synchronized play, pause and seek.

App Integrations

Embed almost any app or web service for collaborative group work.

Smart Scheduling & Grouping

Set up conversation scheduled times and let VoiceVoice manage registrants and organize custom sized groups (from 2 to 50) automatically.

Schedule Your Own Time

Let people schedule their own times and invite friends or colleagues, if none of the host-scheduled times work for them.

Live Host Broadcast

Broadcast yourself in a webinar-like presentation to all live groups, including hand raising and screen sharing.

Customizable Emails

Create custom invitation, registration and post-meeting emails.

Registration Page Templates

Total control over the look and content of registration and post-registration pages using HTML templates and Javascript.

Live Monitor

Silently watch, manage and chat with groups or individuals in real time.

Simple & Advanced Conversation Editors

Choose between the Simple or the fully-featured Advanced editor.

Data Dashboard

Download detailed .csv reports for Registrants, Attendees and No-Shows.

Conversation Recordings

Conversations can be recorded in high quality downloadable .mp4 video files.

Premium Support

A dedicated customer support team with fast response times and 24/5 availability.

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