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How does it work?

The VoiceVoice platform allows a host to record the facilitation elements for a great small group conversation: from introduction and inspirational talks, to discussion questions and structured output. Each participant signs up for a live group discussion (or can initiate their own), which can happen over weeks or months (unlike with MaestroConference, where everyone —presenters, staff, and participants— has to be there at the same time). The group navigates together through a conversation, discussing each topic at their own pace, and collaborating for the group output (wiki, proposal, or written/video statement for another group).

And, it's designed to be viral—live video conversations leveraging the recorded facilitation are happening repeatedly, autonomously, and at scale. So participants can say "Hey, that was great, I'm gonna tell my friends!" and that conversation is still available for the next group whether that's the same day or next week or next month.

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We believe that conversations can change the world, and that the VoiceVoice platform can take conversations to another level, in terms of scale, depth, ease, and impact.

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