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A New Technology Platform.

Unlike a webinar, in VoiceVoice events the focus is on small group conversations where everyone has a chance to speak. And because events can be fully automated and don't require a live host, you can have thousands of participants attending at the same time.

Participants meet in small groups of typically 4-6 people (configurable to up to 50.)
The host presents discussion topics and questions to the group in the form of pre-recorded videos or slides to guide the conversation.
After a video ends, the focus automatically shifts to the group discussion.
Integrate 3rd party apps for group collaboration, calls to action, donations, and much more
The group chooses when and where to go next during the conversation using navigation buttons.

Introduce yourselves: where are you from and why are you here?

What benefits does working from home could have in your company’s culture?

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Infinitely Scalable.

On-demand small group conversations are fully automated and don’t need a live host, freeing up your time and letting you reach wider audiences at an unlimited scale.

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Highly Engaging.

Our platform is carefully designed to encourage participation and inspire action, our events yield 3x-10x higher attendance and action rates than typical webinars.

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Uniquely Powerful.

Use the powerful editor to build unique experiences that fit your exact needs: create online courses, training programs, live events, presentations and much more.

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Design the experience.

Use our intuitive conversation designer to create the virtual experience. Flow between your pre-recorded hosting and live breakout groups where participants engage in real-time.

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Wherever your audience may be, set your conversation to re-run for any timezone and allow small groups experience the magic of VoiceVoice on their own time.

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Make a change from one conversation to the next.

Reach larger communities and causes to enact actionable change. Let your conversation grow into meaningful movement as a piece of you reaches voice after voice.

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If you’ve ever got really tired of those Zoom calls with endless panelists where you can’t get a word in, VoiceVoice is for you.

Soon-Young Yoon
United Nations representative of the International Alliance of Women

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