The Conversation Company

A platform for purposeful conversations with unparalleled depth and scale.

Our Customers

People Who Trust Us.

We've helped organizations like Airbnb, Obama Campaign, the National Association of Realtors, Stanford University and the Sierra Club, to develop and host meaningful conversations with technology and services.

Our Customers

People who have personally used our platforms in the past 2 years:

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

Oprah Winfrey

John Legend

Bernie Sanders

Pharrell Williams

Michelle Obama

Steve Case

Denzel Washington

The Technology

Our technology brings an unlimited number of people into small groups—for super engaging conversations on video. With this unique technology, each group discusses topics, watches evocative content together, takes on activities, contributes to the larger conversation, and deeply engages the topic.


  • Sequence discussions
  • Add videos & resources
  • Build the library & map
  • Provide guidance
  • Credit sponsor/host


It’s that easy to generate deep conversation.

Generate Unlimited Small
Group Conversations

  • The Platform
  • Creates small groups
  • Guides conversation
  • Facilitates interaction
  • Requires no staff
  • Schedules next events
  • Active Small Groups
  • Discuss via video
  • Navigate together
  • Contribute to wikis
  • Opt in to lists + offers
  • Publish results
  • Engage communities
  • Invite others to join
  • Shared virally

The VoiceVoice Experience

Provocative Hosted Content

Tailored conversation map and topic sequence is designed to elicit meaningful conversation and inspired action.

Powerful Live Conversation

Participants are motivated to think deeply, share what’s important, build new relationships, and immediately move into action.

Purposeful Shared Journey

Each group chooses their own adventure while utilizing tools, accessing guidance, and pursuing their interests.

Featured Events

Launch Conversations

We are launching the VoiceVoice technology platform by selecting a series of conversations for particular impact. We’ll launch each series in partnership with major brands, foundations and other partners, and design the interactions to get people not only thinking more deeply about topics they care about, but to inspire action and social shares. We go above and beyond for these- generating content, piloting them with real users from the target segment, and getting the word out to invite strategic segments to get involved.

We've hosted more than


Participants on our technology platforms *

...and supported hundreds of organizations in creating interactive events that get up to 75% opt-in rates.

(*) Hosted primarily on the MaestroConference platform.


For Thought Leaders and Event Participants - A conversation like no other

  • Meet respected innovative thinkers and leaders
  • Discuss topics in a format where you get to share your experience and insights
  • Collaborate on areas where you can have the most leverage

For Event Hosts - Engage Your Network

  • Catalyze change by creating conversations about what’s most important
  • Create a sense of community, with real relationships and shared values
  • Foster collaboration and accelerates collective action
  • Generate more traction: members, fans, and revenue

For Sponsors - Create Trust, Brand and Relationships

  • Build relationships with key stakeholders, customers, prospects, partners, media and more
  • Enhance trust and appreciation of your brand
  • Get opt-ins, leads, PR, earned media and relationships
  • Opt-in/lead generation rates can reach up to 70%

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